Timothy Verhaeghe

I am a 23-years old software developer, entrepreneur and (growth)hacker with experience in scraping, big data, (growth) hacking, infrastructures, devops, personalisation, profiling, and machine learning. Currently I am the CTO at Taglayer with a team of 13 super talented persons. My work is daily used by Randstad, the United Nations, Vivaldis, Dmlights, the Cronos group and more than 3.5 million persons around the world.

Want a chit-chat? Contact me at [email protected]

Coding projects

I've contributed to more than 100 codebases on Github. Here are my favorite projects:



I am an active data gatherer for fun, profit and research and I am happy to help other researchers with data. Just sent me an email if you want to use one of my datasets.

Looking for another dataset? Just let me know and I give you my advice.